What I'm doing now / by nigel grey

Now that I am settled in Flagstaff and no longer walking 25+ miles/day on the Pacific Crest Trail, I am back working, studying, and showering regularly. The main topic on my mind as I wash, eat, and use resources like an average American… is climate change. Science tells us the earth and its systems are changing, and humans are the cause. But when will that really sink in? I ask this question for myself as well as for those I try to educate.

Among other things, I am an environmental educator, and one of the many topics I seek to teach about is climate change. I struggle with how to teach about this global crisis in a way that is personal, relevant, and inspiring. Moreover, I am constantly challenged by the call to "practice what I preach." How can I be a role model in responding to climate change?

Ideally, education is a resource for action. Why has communication and education about climate change yet to produce coordinated action responding to this global, ecological crisis, particularly in the United States? Join me as I think about our current educational responses to climate change and explore alternatives.